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an independent singer-songwriter duo


Daniel St-Jean
(born in Lachute, Qc., Canada)

Accomplished musician, Daniel is passionate about all forms of his craft, whether it be composition, improvisation, interpretation, arranging, or recording.

Ever since his adolescence as a drummer with local bands, up until today as singer-songwriter with Antidote, his artistic quest has been to become a conscientious musician; desirous to attain his full potential.

Daniel's originality can be observed when he creates a polyrhythmic work inspired by a traditional rhythm, when he uses innovative tunings to enhance the sonority of a piece of music, and when he incorporates environmental sounds into an orchestration. Over one hundred compositions are to his credit; be they songs, instrumental pieces, or music written especially for theatre and poetry. As well, Daniel encourages variations of his works:…"a piece of music is always open to interpretation, and modification…it's like putty …things can always be changed depending on whose playing, where their playing, when their playing, what instrument their playing…etc."
Even though he has taken private lessons in piano and cello, Daniel remains pre-dominantly a self-taught musician inspired by the moment…as he says: "Music is only alive when it is spontaneous."

As a collaborator, his remarkable determination and enthusiasm can be seen whether working as a piano-accompanist for a dance company, as an invited composer for a piece of theatre, on tour with a group of musicians , or recording and helping other musicians with their music.

For those who would like to explore or familiarize themselves with some of Daniel's gems of inspiration, he suggests: Béla Bartók, Mozart, Michael Urbaniak, Leo Ferré, Elvin Jones, Guianluigi Trovesi, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Béla Fleck, Primus, Shakti, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Félix Leclerc and "world music" in general.

Skills: -practical knowledge and experience in analogue and digital recording as well as MIDI programming

Hobbies: -bicycling and helping his favorite "gardener"