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an independent singer-songwriter duo


AdrienAdrien G.

Adrien accompanied our duo during the CD launch of "JUST LIKE BIRDS", and has since played regularly with us. Being an excellent musician, his bass playing lends a full sound and much support to our musicality.

Ghislain Desrosiers

A sensitive and melodious player, Ghislain is passionately dedicated to his flute. Talented artist; his impeccable instrumental rigor permits him to interpret with brio and finesse various styles of music. As well, he displays a wonderful complicity when addressing musical arrangements including the flute. Ever respectful of the composer, Ghislain lends a "breath of freshness" to musical expression.

Yannick St-Jean Lafaurie

Solid drummer and brilliant percussionist, Yannick is a determined artist possessing an amazing musical imagination. Bewitching darbouka player, concerned about the least detail, he excels in the improvisation of funk and exotic rhythms. As a drummer he is determined and adapts to all situations.

Claude Legault

Claude possesses a long experience as a drummer. A born improviser and passionate about polyrhythmia, this flamboyant percussionist remarkably expresses the rudiments of a musical pulse. Subtle jazz drummer, versatile and intuitive, his dynamic and sensitive playing make of him an inspiration to the other band members. "To hear him play; is to hear him breath".

Shawn Mativetsky

Pauline and Daniel met Shawn while playing together in the musical production of "Mémoires de l'Indus" with "Les Productions Flamenco Montréal". Seduced by his wonderful mastery of the tabla and the wealth and ease of such an exciting musical exchange; they invited him to join them as a guest performer in November of 2004. Following this wonderful musical experience, Shawn remains a precious resource for future collaborations.

A versatile percussionist, Shawn Mativetsky performs regularly in a variety of settings, including Western classical and contemporary/new music, Indian classical music, and world music. He also composes and performs music for dance and theatre. He is active in the promotion of the tabla and North Indian classical music through lectures, workshops, and performances across Canada, the United States, and England. Shawn teaches tabla and percussion in Montreal, and is currently on faculty at McGill University.