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an independent singer-songwriter duo


Their music can always be recognized by the presence of the haunting and melodious sonority of the violin (played by Pauline Tidbury); the steady, rhythmic influence of Daniel St-Jean (multi-instrumentalist) and the rich union of their contrasting voices. An inventive incorporation of the dulcimer adds an intriguing Medieval element to the contemporary, electric-acoustic sound tapestry of Antidote.

On stage, this duo offers a solid and engaging interplay of strings and voice; varying between instrumentals and songs, and balancing lilting carefree melodies with more contemplative, intricate musical themes. Offering a reflection about the world in which we live, their songs in both English and French often question the "whys" and "ways" of human behavior; their texts displaying a pre-occupation with honesty, reality and consciousness. Whether performing alone, or backed by a rhythmic section, Antidote gives a strongly passionate, and inspired presentation of their music.