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an independent singer-songwriter duo


Pauline plays:

an electric violin T.F. Barrett EV-5
an acoustic violin Hopf
different percussion instruments including the tambourine, wood claves, & cuica

Daniel plays:

an acoustic guitar Guild D-40 cutaway
a Godin Multiac
an electric guitar Ibanez RG-55
a French dulcimer Camac
a dulcitar (a hybrid fabrication combining the elements of dulcimer and acoustic guitar)
many different percussion instruments including a Pearl drum set and CP congas
a number of different synthesizers including a Korg M3 and a Tecknics GA3 organ


The dulcimer is a mediaeval stringed instrument. Of Asiatic origin, it was found in Western Europe towards the 16 century and in North America at the end of the 1800's. It is a diatonic instrument, needing only rudimentary skills in order to be played; but mastered well, it can resemble a Hindu Sitar or Irish Bagpipes. It is often heard in Celtic music and traditional folklore.

Having a 14 fret fingerboard, the dulcimer has 3 primary strings; the smallest (the melody string) being doubled. Held on the knees, played on a tabletop, or suspended by a strap around the player's neck, the notes and chords may be obtained by using either a short wooden dowel or by diverse fingerings, while the other hand strums the rhythm. Depending on the tuning, it is possible to play in different modes; the most frequently used being Ionian and Mixolydian.